diy mining rig frame reddit,  (3) Create a model system for campus football. Insist on taking root in China, playing football, teaching football on the international stage, and striving to explore a training model for talents with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to change the thinking, draw on the European and Japanese football reserve talent training models, promote the "football" training camp on campus football, and build a new type of football school suitable for China's national conditions through in-depth integration of both sides. To integrate resources, junior high school students in the compulsory education stage cannot be separated from the academic system, but are in a critical period of football skills training, and the Chinese Super Club urgently need to build U13 , U14 , U15 youth training echelon requirements, and the high-quality resources of the sports system to the education system Invest in, select and send a coach with AFC level B or above as the head coach for each “Starry Sky” training camp , lead the campus football teachers and coaches in the county to prepare lessons together, and jointly formulate county campus football teaching, training, Contest plan, play a role in helping pass. At the same time, weekends and holidays are used to launch campus football competitions, and professional training is provided for seedlings with development potential to improve their level of competition. After completing compulsory education, they will follow the path of professionalization or continue their education. This model not only realizes the "coming in" of high-level professional forces in the sports system, but also is conducive to the popularization and promotion of regional campus football and the growth of teachers and coaches. It can also intervene in advance to train key students with talents for football and achieve education. The system shares the high-quality resources of the sports system, the sports system expands the selection of materials, the school and family students receive benefits, and the best path for education, sports, school, and family to achieve a win-win situation. It is necessary to innovate the mechanism and continue to consolidate the working mechanism of “integrated design, integrated promotion, self-contained system, and mutual support”. According to the education responsibility for training high-level athletes and the sports demand for building youth echelons, both sides We must continue to work part-time with each other, and advance to the depth of co-construction, co-construction and integration under the premise of ensuring the integration of the organizational system. Strengthen the construction of 47 "sky-star" training camps throughout the country , promote the true realization of church football, diligent training and regular matches in campus football in the county, make teaching, training, and competition into a model and form a demonstration and leading effect. By 2025 , each pilot county (district) will build a "sky-star" training camp. Encourage social forces to support the construction of the "Starry Sky" training camps at all levels.