Li Weimin, a resident who lives near the Fuziling Reservoir, opened a farmhouse near the reservoir. When the water level was high in previous years, there were a steady stream of tourists. Nowadays, because of the low water level, many tourists give up on boating. "I lived near the reservoir for more than ten years, and I saw such a low water level for the first time." Li Weimin rates eur to usd,  Mengzi: light rain, 21 ~ 28 ℃

  "The violent atmosphere in the society is scary now." 14 -year-old Xiao Guo, a 14 -year-old girl who attended Sun Fangzhong College in Shatian, attended the rally with her parents-"My biggest wish is that Hong Kong is stable and harmonious, and the people live and work in peace and contentment."exchange rates eur to usd