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  In response to this situation, the Measures (draft) detailed the personal safety protection order system, expanded the scope of the body of the applicant's personal safety protection order, increased the measures of personal safety protection order, and detailed the assistance of the execution of the personal safety protection order. A new clause has been added.solana cli mainnet,

  Of course, we also have to ask the British Home Secretary again that the "Amendment Movement" took place thousands of kilometers away in Hong Kong, China. How could the British government give pointers to China's internal affairs? China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly stated publicly that Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs, and no foreign government, organization or individual has the right to interfere. The British side has no sovereignty, no governing power and no supervisory power over Hong Kong, and there is no so-called "responsibility". Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. We ask the British to face up to reality and respect China's sovereignty.solana cli mainnet