Mr. Xu and Ms. Xi also took part in the activities with young children. Ms. Xi told reporters that in addition to showing support for the police, she is also thinking about the children's future. Mr Xu added: "I think any parent, anyone with a conscience, doesn't want to see children grow up in a violent and immoral environment. If we don't step out and support the police to stop riots, violence will escalate all the way, we in Hong Kong It's gone, our Pearl of the Orient is over. "usdt token address bscscan,  12 Yue 10 days, deep in the channel tunnel project completed the first immersed tube steel casting, and successfully overcome the challenges immersed tube vertical shift, move shallow dock area to the next step operation. The successful placement and vertical displacement of the first immersed tube concrete indicates that the steel hull concrete immersed tube of the deep-media tunnel tunnel project has officially entered the production line. At the same time, the first section of steel shell immersed pipe, as the first section of immersed pipe connecting the artificial island and the subsea tunnel, also opened an important step for the subsea installation of the cross-sea channel.